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Below are some additional things to consider when planning a funeral for your loved one. 

Alternatively, if you feel you need some support, your Personal Funeral Advisor will be able to help.


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It may be your wish that your loved one be dressed in their own clothing and this is normally acceptable. However, in some circumstances, particularly where cremation will take place, we are bound to comply with regulations, which restrict certain materials. If you are considering providing clothing for your loved one, please seek our advice. We can supply a wide range of dressing or suiting robes, which are acceptable to the relevant authorities.

The decision of whether to visit your loved one is a personal one. We cannot advise you about your preference, but many people take comfort from seeing their loved one at rest. Private chapels of rest are available at our funeral homes or you may wish to have your loved one at home. We are happy to discuss arrangements with you. In the private chapel of rest, you may like to display a photograph or a small selection of possessions or keepsakes that depict a hobby or pastime of your loved one. Many families have said this helped to make this aspect of the funeral more personal to them.

We can arrange to supply bearers to carry the coffin. Alternatively, bearers may be relatives, friends or colleagues of your loved one.

Many people ask for specific pieces of music to be played during the service. This is an opportunity to add a personal touch to the funeral service. The music chosen can usually be anything from traditional organ music to music on a tape or CD supplied by you. Alternatively, you may like to have a musician playing at the service.

Depending on the location of the service, there may be certain restrictions. We can give you advice on this.

You may wish to offer guests refreshments after the funeral. Some of the things you will need to consider include:

- The number of guests

- The caterer

- The venue

- The type of food and drink to be served

Today many families choose an online obituary to pay tributes to their loved one, enabling family and friends to share their thoughts, memories and media to commemorate the life of their loved one.

At Midcounties Co-operative Funeralcare we have our own online tributes service called Remember From Afar.

Flowers are a simple and beautiful way to create a personal tribute. We can help you to choose your flowers and give advice on special orders. A brochure is available to help you decide.

When ordering flowers, it is advisable to give as much notice as possible. Following the funeral, you may decide that suitable floral tributes could be used to benefit others, such as a hospital, nursing home or another organisation (subject to them wishing to receive them). We will be happy to arrange this for you. We may be able to provide you with a list of the people who have sent flowers. The flower tribute cards can also be saved and collected for you, if you would like us to do this.

Many bereaved families wish to restrict the sending of floral tributes to immediate family members only and request that, as an alternative, donations are made to a charity or other organisation.

Many people choose to have an order of service printed for the funeral. We will be happy to advise on layout and content and have these produced for you.

We know how difficult and devastating it can be when someone you love dies, and how important it is to commemorate and share your fondest memories with family and friends.
We take great pride in offering a free personal Online Tribute Service which enables families and friends to contribute and share their thoughts and memories of their loved one.

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