Ashes Caskets, Urns & Keepsakes

When someone close to your heart passes away, the sorrow can be overwhelming. Finding the perfect final memorial for them can be a deep and abiding comfort. A resting place that speaks to their personality – and the bond you shared with them – is priceless. 

Our Finishing Touches

For many of us, keeping our loved one's ashes close to us can be very comforting. We offer an amazing selection or ashes caskets, urns and keepsakes which can be displayed in your home or created into a beatiful jewel to keep on you at all time. 


A tribute just to say "though absent, you are very near; still loved, still missed and very dear"

Ashes Caskets

Our beautiful ashes caskets are suitable for burial or keeping your loved one close

Memory Pins

Beautiful memory pins to keep your loved one close

Memory Bear

Created especially for families to keep precious memories of their loved one close and safe


Heart in their Hand’ is a beautiful project which offers families a gift that is shared with their baby or loved one

Memorial Jewellery

Your very own personal diamond or glass keepsake created from your loved one’s ashes or hair