Online Streaming Service

Our new personal online service enables families and friends who cannot attend the funeral service of their loved one to remember and pay tribute to them from afar.

Our new service is streamed live for family and friends to ‘attend’ and pay tribute to their loved one whilst being at home.

Our Celebrant, who will be conducting the service, will contact our client at a pre-agreed time to have a conversation about your loved one’s life, their achievements, their key moments and your memories of them.

Our Celebrant will then create a unique tribute for your loved one which can include items provided by the family including:

• Personal Video

• Special Music

• Favourite Photos

A unique weblink will be provided for the service that you can share individually, or in an open forum such as social media, where friends and family can click on and watch the online service via their PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, anywhere in the world.

The cost for this special online streaming service is: £295 fully inclusive.*

For further information or to book an online service, please speak with your Funeral Advisor or alternatively, please contact Helen Dukes on: 01922 800221 or email:

*Please note there is an additional charge of £30 when purchased with our Simple or Cremation without Ceremony funeral services.