Our Cremation Memorial Range

As a general rule cremation memorials tend to be smaller versions of burial memorials but the materials used are the same. Because of their smaller size the lettering size and style used is proportionate to the size of the memorial. Our lettering craftsmen are masters of their art and take great pride in producing a perfect, well-balanced inscription whatever the size of the cremation memorial.


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Simple, Beautiful And Unique Options To Remember Your Loved One

Once you have chosen what type of memorial you would like there are numerous ways that you can personalise it to make it unique. The memorial designs shown will help you decide what shape, size, colour and finish you would like your headstone as well as providing examples of bespoke designs, lettering styles and suggested inscriptions to assist you in creating a lasting memory for your loved one. Our experienced craftsmen have created many headstone designs over the years and we are always more than willing to create an alternative design that reflects the personality of your loved one.

Almost any design can be added to our cremation memorials. Many engraved designs can be gilded, coloured or highlighted depending on the client’s requirements and the material used. We willingly offer professional help and guidance in this and in all aspects of memorial selection.


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