Funeral wishes

At Midcounties Co-operative Funeralcare we believe that you have the right to a dignified and professional funeral service that embraces your wishes and allows your loved ones to say their final farewells in the way that you would have wished.

Our Funeral Wishes service allows you to record your wishes so they can be communicated to your personal representative when the time comes. While we cannot guarantee that your wishes will be carried out, the information you leave will spare your loved ones the stress of decision making at such a difficult time. Any additional costs to carry out your wishes will be notified to your representative at the time of arranging the funeral and payment will be required before the services can be provided.

If you have taken out a Pre-paid funeral plan with the Co-operative Funeralcare, any Funeral Wishes are not part of your plan benefits unless the item has been specifically included in the application form for a Tailor-Made Plan and paid for as part of your selected Plan.

This service is completely free of charge and available to anyone. All that you need to do is to complete a short on-line form and you will receive an elegantly presented certificate to keep with your personal documents for consultation by your executor or personal representative after your death.

The Funeral Wishes form can be completed online or, if you prefer, you can discuss your requirements with one of our qualified staff in the Co-operative funeralcare home of your choice. The information will be retained at our Head Office and your certificate drawn up and sent to you for you to keep with your personal documents.

Telephone number:
Preferred funeral option:
Relevant Details (Cemetery, churchyard, grave number, name and date of last interment, etc):
I would like my funeral service to be held at (Please include details of the location and type of service required, i.e. Church, Chapel, Faith Group, Civil Ceremony, etc):
What to do with my immediate personal effects, jewellery, etc:
My preferred hymns and music:
Details of donations to charity (if required):
Floral Tributes:
Additional information relating to my funeral:
Email Address:

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