Cremation services

Crematoria are different in their procedures, but the following is a general guide.

Most crematoria incorporate a service chapel. You may wish to use this if you don't want to hold the service in a church or other location. However, if you do decide to hold the service in a Church or other location, you may choose to use the crematorium for the committal only.

Possessions, Clothing & Decoration of the Coffin

There are some restrictions on what is permitted to be included in a committal, for example metal objects and certain materials. Your funeral director can advise on these.


You may wish to play music at the service. If so, many Crematoria will provide an organist, perhaps some pre-recorded music from which you can choose or a cassette or CD player on which you can play music of your choice. We can help with local advice.

The Committal

The end of the funeral ceremony is usually called the Committal. There may be a closing of curtains as the committal takes place, or the coffin may move gently from sight. Some people prefer for the coffin to be left on view until everyone has left. You can discuss your wishes with your Funeral Arranger.

Cremated Remains

You can choose for your loved ones Cremated Remains to be buried, scattered, or kept in a casket or other form of memorialisation. Because scattering and burial are final, we strongly recommend you allow time to consider all the options and discuss it with your family.

Burial of Cremated Remains

People who bury Cremated Remains do so for a variety of reasons. For instance, so they can visit the burial site, they can erect a memorial at the site or perhaps so that the Cremated Remains of more than one family can be placed together.

You can usually bury Cremated Remains:

  • In the grounds of the crematorium.
  • In a churchyard.
  • In an existing grave.
  • In a new cremation plot in a designated area of a cemetery or churchyard.

Keeping the Cremated Remains

Some people prefer to keep the Cremated Remains at home in a casket designed for that purpose. In some cases this is so that when a spouse or partner dies, the remains of both can be scattered or buried together. You can view a sample of our range of Cremated Remains Caskets on our Co-operative Memorials website here.

Other options for keeping Cremated Remains are to divide amongst family members or to place in a piece of jewellery, for example, in a specially designed locket.

Your local Midcounties Co-operative funeralcare funeral arranger will be able to advise you on the options available.

Scattering of Cremated Remains

You can usually scatter Cremated Remains:

  • In the grounds of the crematorium.
  • On a family grave.
  • In a woodland or moorland.
  • At a place with fond memories.
  • At sea.
  • Abroad.

Your Midcounties Co-operative funeral director will be able to advise who you need to speak to when making the arrangements.

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