Burial services

The choice between burial and cremation is a very personal one and may be influenced by many factors, such as family tradition, religion or the wishes of the person who has died.

The most common form of burial is in a churchyard or cemetery. Subject to local regulations and availability, you normally have the choice between using a new or existing grave.

Existing graves

If a grave is already in existance we will need the deeds of the grave or some documents relating to the grave, which may be in your possession. We will help you if you do not have the deeds. We will need to check that there is space for further burials.

New graves

When purchasing a new grave, some aithorities may allow you to reserve or purchase grave space next to the one to be used.

Burial fees

There may be fees for:

  • Purchasing a new grave.
  • Opening or reopening the grave.
  • Removal and replacement of existing memorials.

We will advise you on the local charges accordingly.

Alternative burials

There are alternatives to burial in a churchyard or cemetery, such as burial in a vault, burial at sea and woodland burials.


If the funeral is to take place abroad, we can make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Making it special

Many bereaved people take comfort from placing belongings such as photographs and letters in the coffin with the person they have lost. It may also be your wish that they are dressed in their own clothing, or that the coffin is decorated to reflect an interest or hobby they may have enjoyed.

In a burial, there are fewer restrictions about the placing of possessions, choice of clothing and decoration than in a cremation, your local Midcounties Co-operative funeralcare funeral director will be able to guide and advise you on any such restrictions.

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