Types of Funeral

A funeral is a very personal event. Your Midcounties Co-operative funeral director will listen to your requirements and work with you to arrange a funeral that reflects both your wishes and those of the deceased.

There are two fundamental considerations – firstly, whether the body is to be cremated or buried and secondly, what kind of service or celebration there is going to be.


About 70% of funerals are cremations. Cremations are carried out at a crematorium and your funeral director can help you choose which one is most suitable for your requirements. If you have a choice of crematoria, you need to weigh up convenience, cost and facilities. You will also need to decide what you want done with the ashes. The crematorium will be able to offer you the option to have them scattered on site or you may have the option to have them interred there. Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements.


Generally, burials can take place in a churchyard if the person is a parishioner or a council owned cemetery. You also may have the option of a woodland burial site depending on where you live and how far you feel your family or relations might be prepared to travel. The laws and regulations surrounding burials are complicated, especially in respect of the ownership and use of the plot, and the types of memorials. You should take advice to make sure you are getting what you want.

Multi Faith Funerals

The Midcounties Co-operative funeralcare is proud to support the diverse cultural and religious beliefs of the communities it serves. Several of our funeral homes offer private washing facilities and our local funeral directors have the experience to sensitively support you through your time of need.

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