What to do when someone dies

When someone dies, most people are unsure of what to do next. The links to information in this section are given as a brief guide to help you understand the things you need to do.

Procedures may vary depending on your area. Your local Midcounties Co-operative funeralcare funeral director will be able to advise you accordingly.

When someone dies at home or in a nursing home

Telephone the doctor 

When someone dies at home, the first contact should be with the deceased's doctor who, if satisfied with the cause of death, will issue the Medical Certificate of Death. In some cases you may be asked to collect the certificate from the surgery. In the case of a nursing home death, their staff should liaise with the doctor.

Contact us

After informing the doctor, you should contact us. We will arrange a suitable time, day or night, to visit you to discuss your requirements.

The funeral director will ask you where you would like the person who has died to rest before the funeral. This can be at your own home, the home of the person who has died, or at the funeral home.

If you choose your own home, or the home of the person who has died, we recommend that you still allow the Midcounties Co-operative funeral director to take them to our funeralcare premises, to be returned home before the funeral when all of the necessary care and attention has been completed.

You will also need to consider if any jewellery or belongings are to remain with the person who has died or if they are to be returned to you.

When someone dies in hospital

When someone dies in hospital the sister or staff nurse will be able to guide you into the first steps for making arrangements. They will arrange for a Doctor to issue the medical certificate of death. You will need to collect this together with any belongings.

Advance notice of cremation

If possible, you should advise the hospital if the funeral is to be a cremation, as this will allow them time to arrange for the necessary extra documentation to be completed.

Contact us

Contact our funeral home. We will arrange a suitable time, day or night, to visit you to discuss the funeral arrangements and bringing the deceased into our care.

When someone dies suddenly

When someone dies unexpectedly, it is normal for the Coroner (England and Wales) or Procurator Fiscal (Scotland) to be involved. There are many reasons why this can happen, for example the Coroner/Procurator Fiscal is automatically involved in most sudden or unexpected deaths, especially if the deceased has not been under a doctor's care on a regular basis. The emergency doctors, or any police involved will inform the relevant Coroner's office or the Procurator Fiscal.

Contact us

Contact our funeral home as soon as possible. We can advise on the procedures involved and liaise with the Coroner's/Procurator Fiscal's office.

When someone dies away from home or abroad

When death takes place some distance away from home, either within the UK or anywhere abroad, contact us and we can make all the necessary arrangements.

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