Visiting your loved one

The decision of whether or not anyone wishes to see the person who has died is a very personal one. We cannot advise you about your preference but many people take comfort from visiting the chapel of rest.

Private remembrance rooms are available at our funeral homes or you may wish to have the deceased at home. We will be pleased to discuss arrangements with you.

In the remembrance room, you may like to display a photograph or a small selection of possessions or keepsakes that depict a hobby or pastime of the deceased. Many families have said this helped to make this aspect of the funeral more personal to them.

Viewing at the hospital

If death occurs in hospital, and you would like to see the person who has died, let the hospital staff know and they will make the arrangements.


The Midcounties Co-operative also offers a full repatriation service to or from almost any country in the world. Ask your local Midcounties Co-operative funeral director for details of this specialist service.

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