Administering their Affairs

The affairs of the deceased

The funeral is one of the first things to be arranged when a loved one passes away. What follows are the legal, tax and administrative matters concerning the deceased's affairs and estate, many of which need to be attended immediately.

Immediate considerations

Thare are many pressing questions to address when a loved one passes away.

  • Are there any insurance issues on vehicles and properties?
  • Is there now a unoccupied property and what needs to be done?
  • Do benefits need to be stopped and is the surviving spouse/civil partner entitled to any future benefits or rent/tax rebates?
  • Who needs to be notified of the death?
  • Where do you go for bereavement support?
  • How do you prevent unwanted future mail for the deceased?

Who needs to be notified of the death?

Many organisations will need to be notified of the death, depending upon the circumstances. These could incluide:

  • Banks and building societies for savings and investments.
  • Financial institutions for loans, credit agreements and standing orders.
  • Insurers and utility companies for change of name such as motor and house instuance and all household utility bills.
  • Many others including employer, tax office, pensions departments, DVLA, family doctor, hospital and DSS/DWP.

Dealing with the deceased's estate

The administration of the estate of the deceased covers legal, tax and administrative work and can be both complex and time-consuming.

Our dedicated legal experts at The Co-operative Lesale Services will:

  • Explain what Probate (Confirmation in Scotland) is to you and advise on whether it is required.
  • Explain the steps to take when Probate is and is not required.
  • Help you identify who has the legal right to administer the estate of the deceased, known as the Personal Representative.
  • Explain the role of the Personal Representative and their liability for any mistakes or errors.

The benefit of appointing The Midcounties Co-operative Legale Services to administer the estate on your behalf

Many people prefer to appoint a professional to administer the estate on their behalf. By choosing The Midcounties Co-operative Legal Services you will benefit from:

  • A fixed fee quotation which will not be beaten on price, agreed before the commencement of any work.
  • No hidden extras or costs.
  • A fully inclusive service from obtaining the Grant of Probate, filing all the necessary tax returns, collecting all assets, paying off any debts and liabilities and distributing the residue of the estate.
  • A probate specialist dedicated to you throughout the administration of the estate.
  • As much contact as you wish throughout the process at no additional cost.

To find out more about how The Midcounties Co-operative Legal Services can help you, call 0845 602 1477.

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