The Day of the Funeral

There are many ways you can make the day a unique tribute to a unique person, and your funeral director is there to guide and advise you. This is a brief guide on what to expect on the day of the funeral.


The hearse and the cars following it are called the cortege. There are some things you may wish to consider when making arrangements for transport for the day:

  • Will it be a standard, a motorbike or a horse-drawn hearse?
  • How many cars will be needed?
  • Where will the cortege leave from and will it take a special route?
  • Will you require wheelchairs for elderly or disabled mourners?
  • Where will you return to afterwards?

Bearing the coffin

Some families decide that they would like to bear the coffin themselves at the ceremony, instead of the funeral directors staff. Bearers may be friends, family members or colleagues of the person who has died. However, there are certain conditions that must be adhered to and we have to give family bearers specific kinetic lifting procedure training a few days before the funeral to conform to current Health & Safety guidelines.


Many people now ask for specific pieces of music to be played at the service. Your Midcounties Co-operative funeral director will be able to advise you on this and make the appropriate arrangements for you.


A eulogy is when someone pays tribute to a person's life by saying a few words that will help remember that person at the service. You can prepare a speech yourself for this, or you may prefer to read a favourite poem or passage.


You may wish to offer guests refreshments after the funeral. You will need to decide who will provide the catering and where it will be provided. Your local Midcounties Co-operative funeralcare funeral director can help make these arrangements for you.

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