Memorial Rules and Regulations

As you would expect, most Cemeteries & Churchyards have specific rules and regulations governing exactly what type of memorial they will, or will not, allow together with its size, colour, style, any design work required and even including the wording of an inscription.

  • Most Local Burial Authorities and Diocesan Churchyards are very strict on enforcement of their rules and regulations.

  • As Professional Memorial Masons we have a wealth of locally based area knowledge and can advise and guide you through this sometimes complicated procedure.

  • We also apply for the necessary permissions to introduce a new memorialor carry out work on an existing memorial with the Burial Authority or Church Diocese concerned on our client’s behalf.

  • Some Cemeteries & Churchyards charge a fee for issuing a Fixing Permit - usually called a permit fee. In which case we add their permit fee, at cost, to our client’s account.

  • The Permit Application must be signed by the registered owner of the grave.

  • It is part of our Quality Assurance Procedure to keep our clients updated on the various stages involved in producing their memorial and the permit process is no exception.

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