Materials for Memorials

Most modern memorials are made from granite. Granite is extremely hard wearing and polishes to a beautiful finish. It is available in many different colours and lends itself perfectly to very intricate lettering and finely etched design work. For example, historically, many clients used to choose only black granite headstones but more and more are choosing the more modern colours for both burial and cremation memorial headstones.

Some clients (or even local regulations) may insist on a softer stone such as Italian Marble (usually off white with blue/grey veining), Nabrasina (a light fawn lime stone) or York Stone (usually a honey/brown coloured sandstone). You can see examples of these materials on the centre spread of our memorial brochure.

Please bear in mind that we only use natural materials which are of course subject to natural variations in colour and shading.

Other types of stone may be available but possibly not generally used to produce a memorial. If you require a particular material not mentioned in our normal range please contact us and we can advise on its suitability and/or availability.

Finishes for Granite Memorial Headstones

All Polished

Part Polished/Pitched

All Polished Finish example

part pol pitched sample

This finish has all surfaces highly polished to bring
out the true beauty of the granite and is perhaps
our most popular granite finish.
This finish has the face and top of the base polished with the
edges rough pitched. The back of these memorials is usually unpolished.



Part Polished

honed finish example

part polished finish example

This finish is best described as being rather like an
egg shell as the surface is perfectly smooth but
This finish has the edges and back sawn with the engraved
design/ornamentation area highly polished to achieve a
contrasting finish.



Finishes for other materials

Other natural stone materials are generally manufactured with a sanded finish as this is the most appropriate for the texture.

For any other requirements please call us for help and advice.

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