Glossary of Terms

  • Permit - a document from a Burial Authority or Church Diocese granting permission to introduce new headstones and gravestones or to carry out any work on an existing memorial.
  • Permit Fee - the fee charged by a Burial Authority or Church Diocese for granting the Permit.
  • Lawn Memorial - perhaps the most widely used style of memorial and are generally known as Headstone & Base sets.
  • Headstone - a general term for a Lawn Memorial as above
  • Traditional Memorial - more widely used in older cemeteries and are generally known as kerb sets.
  • Flat Memorial - a memorial which lies flat in the ground.
  • Engraving - Either an engraved inscription or a motif/emblem/design etched onto the memorial.
  • Plaque - a general term for Flat Memorial as above.
  • Photoplaque - a ceramic plaque, usually with a picture or the deceased, fixed to the surface of a memorial.
  • Design - a general term for a design to go on a memorial such as a church window, a floral design or a bespoke design.
  • Ground Anchor - a mandatory NAMM accredited stainless steel ground anchor which conforms to current Health & Safety guidelines and prevents a memorial from being pushed over.
  • NAMM - National Association of Memorial Masons.
  • BRAMM - British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons.
  • GMC - The Guild of Master Craftsmen.
  • Linear Raft - a continuous reinforced concrete foundation usually used on Lawn Memorial sections within local authority cemeteries.
  • Font - the term used for a style of lettering.

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