Our 25 Year Memorial Guarantee

The co-operative memorials guarantee that all memorials supplied will be of good workmanship and sound materials. We further guarantee that, subject to the conditions stated below, should any memorial supplied by us prove to be faulty in workmanship or materials within 25 years of the memorial being fixed, the memorial will be made good or, if this is not possible, replaced without any expense to the purchaser.


  1. All natural materials vary from time to time in colour and texture therefore this Guarantee relates only to the type and soundness of the material and not to any colour variance.
  2. This Guarantee shall not apply to any painting or gilding on the memorial, any engravings or ornamentation or to any flush or raised lead lettering as this will depend on the position of the memorial and the level of maintenance applied. 
  3. This Guarantee shall not apply to any damage caused by any third party and shall become invalid if the memorial is removed, disturbed or otherwise worked upon by anyone other than ourselves.
  4. Movement as a result of ground settlement - all of our memorials will be levelled where required, without charge, for a period of two years following the date of completion of the order.

The above Guarantee is in addition to, and not in lieu of, any statutory or common law rights vested in the purchaser.

In addition to the above, and for our client’s peace of mind, we are also: 

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