Footprints in the Sand - this eco urn is made of bio-organic materials


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Footprints in the Sand Urn



This Eco Urn is made from bio-orgaic materials offering an enviromentally friendly option for families. No glue is required, when the inside lid of the urn is carefully moistened it will seal itself. The urn will decompose as soon as it is lowered into the ground.It will decompose completely after 1 - 3 months depending on soil composition and quality - returning to the 'circle of life'. If immersed in water the urn will biodegrade within 3 days.The biodegrading process will not begin if the urn is interred in a columbarium or placed at home.

Each urn is shipped in a box with custom made protective packaging. The urn (with packaging) will pass through airport securityscreenings and can fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial airliners.   



Material: Bio-Organic
Finish: Sand
Size: 9" high
Weight: 2.1kg
Approx Capacity: 164 Cubic Inches or 2.7 litres- suitable for body weight approx 164 lbs or 74kg

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