Paperweight - A daily reminder that your loved one is alive in your heart. A good size to hold in the palms of your hands. Diameter 85mm approx


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The Memorial Paperweight is jewellery for your home and a daily reminder that your loved one is alive in your heart. The design represents a spiritual embrace, the ashes and coloured glass crystals entwined together in a display of mystery and harmony.






Your paperweight will be delicately engraved underneath with your own personal message of up to 25 charactors. This message is personal to you, it could be a cherished phrase held dear, words to a favourite song or a more traditional message such as your loved one's name and dates of life. Here are some examples to help you.


Your loved one's name and dates of life.

In loving memory of…


Just your loved one's name.


R.I.P. and your loved one's name.


"Forever in my thoughts Dad"


"My wonderful Mum x"


"Beloved Husband, Love You"


"My Mum my best friend"


"Love Never dies"


"The Love of My life"


"Always with me"


"Forever in my heart"


"Holding my hand"


Words you used to say to each other.


Lyrics to a favorite song.


A phrase that your loved one always said.


Your loved one's nickname.



Please select the Crystal Glass Colour:

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