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Welcome to the Co-operative Memorial Department

We provide a comprehensive range of memorials to make your job of saying goodbye to the ones you love easier; covering every requirement for a fitting farewell to those departed, we offer and provide numerous items and services from the smallest cremation keepsake to the largest family mausoleum.

As professional monumental masons we have always worked to the highest standards throughout every stage of memorial production from the initial enquiry to careful installation in cemeteries and churchyards. It is important to us that you get the farewell and the person who has passed gets the tribute and memorial they deserve.

To give you peace of mind and protection during your difficult period we ensure that all memorials are fitted in accordance with NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons) guidelines. In addition, we are also listed on the BRAMM (British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons) register. So you know that you're in trusted hands when saying goodbye to the one you have lost.

Headstones, Memorial Stones & Gravestones

Our memorials offer you a wide range of services and products including burial memorials, cremation memorials and memorial keepsakes.

Our headstones are made using only the finest materials including quality granite and stone to ensure our enviable reputation for high quality workmanship is constantly maintained and to ensure that your loved ones gravestone or memorial stone will last the test of time. We do not in any way see ourselves as providers of cheap headstones but be assured that our costs are always competitive and offer genuine value for money.

Cremation memorial gravestones also come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes so that you can create the perfect memorial tribute for your loved one.

For those arranging a burial we have a wide range of memorial headstones available including lawn, kerbed and children's memorials. Memorial gravestones for burials are available in a choice of different traditional memorial stone materials and can be crafted to many different sizes. Memorial headstones are available in different shapes and styles from our catalogue or alternatively a completely bespoke memorial can be designed and manufactured to your individual specification. If you want to have a unique or personalised headstone for your loved one please contact us and discuss with us your particular requirements.

Memorial Keepsakes, Cremation Urns & Jewellery

Our cremation memorial collection includes an array of products ranging from lawn and garden memorial headstones to desks, plaques, vases, urns and keepsakes. Memorial products products like desks, plaques and vases can be crafted to a number of designs that can not only represent the individual lost, but their connection and relationship to you; to add an extra touch you can even add personalised engraving, a message from them to you and from you to them.

Our memorial keepsakes and urns are crafted by craftsmen and artisans who are very experienced in their art. Cremation urns are housings for the cremated ashes of loved ones, urns are usually kept in a single location and will stand as a lingering spirit for those you lost. Memorial keepsakes are objects that have the same features of an urn but are more personalised and are held much closer to the heart, often coming in the form of necklaces and pendants, they allow you to carry their memory around with you always.

Another type of memorial keepsake is jewellery, instead of carrying the physical ashes in their regular form you are able to encase them in either glass or diamond jewelley and carry them around with you forever. Unlike memorial stones, cremation urns and personalised gravestones, jewellery made from the ashes of the one you have lost will allow you to carry their memory, spirit and essence with you every single day.

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